Saturday, 12 June 2010

Doctor Who/Travel In Space?!


Doctor Who was pretty amazing this week, I think it's one of my favourite episodes this series! Matt Smith is amazing at football! But yeah, I think James Corden was really good in it, and it was highly hilarious to watch The Doctor trying to act human. I liked the fact that the number on the back of his shirt was eleven :D
I also really liked the bit where The Doctor and Craig headbutted to share The Doctor's thoughts, I thought that was a pretty good idea and highly hilarious. His hair looked pretty good today. Ohhhhhh, and Matt Smith in just a towel = love.Captain Troy McHandsome. Lol.

Anyway, my first line isn't totally random, I was watching Doctor Who Confidential and Karen Gillan was talking to a space scientist (how awesome would that job be?!) about if it would be possible to travel in space and time. She said that they don't know how yet, but it would probably be possible to travel forwards in time, due to worm holes. However, they think that it would not be possible to travel backwards in time due to paradoxes, as if for example:
You went back in time and shot your granddad, then you would cease to exist, but then if you did not exist who shot your granddad?
It turns into and endless loop and doesn't agree with science, so that kind of cancels that idea out.
Also, if you think about it, if a star is say 47 light years away, it means the light took 47 years to get here. Which technically means we're looking at 1963. Which happens to be the year Doctor Who started, meaning that if they had recievers in their galaxies and solar systems if there were life at that star 47 light years away, they would just be picking up the first Doctor Who signals now. Which is pretty cool if you think about it.
If you want to learn more about spacetime because you are a big fat nerd like me, click here.

I really want a job to do with astronomy or the physics of the universe or something, it's just so insane. Like, in the National Geographic (yes, I realise I read this too much) it showed pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope and they showed like millions of galaxies and if you think, we're one tiny galaxy in the middle of the universe, and there are what, approximately 500 billion other galaxies, what's the chance that there's not another life form or living organism out there? Literally billions to one...
The best job of all would be an astronaught, because then you'd just be able to go out and actually try and decipher space, by actually being out there and floating would just be amazing.

On another note, I might be getting an iPhone 4!!! They look awesome. They're a lot thinner, they have a retina display so it's as clear as a very clear thing, the metal around the edge is an antenna so that it actually gets signal, it can film HD movies, it just generally looks totally cool.
They come out 24th June and they're probably going to be the same price as an iPhone (£169 on £30 contract) or pay as you go will be £449. This depends on whether my dad will pay an extra £10 a month for my contract, otherwise I won't be able to afford a £449 phone. Either way, I figure I'll use it more than an iPad. And I need a new phone.

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