Friday, 25 June 2010

Last Doctor Who?!

Okay, so last Doctor Who of the series, but still...
It's pretty damn distressing. This means no more Doctor Who for six bloody months! D:
Tomorrows blog is basically going to be about the episode. Oh, and me having a rant about NASA?
I definitely want to work at NASA when I'm older now. I want to be an astronaut. Oh yes.


Length: Up to 12.5m
Diet: Carnivorous
Period: Lower Cretacous
Time Span: 112-90 million years ago
Found In: Argentina


Length: Up to 12m
Diet: Carnivorous
Period: Upper Cretacous
Time Span: 67-65 million years ago
Found In: Canada, USA


Okay so I chose the Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus because people are always like 'oh my god the t-rex is the biggest dinosaur ever, waaaaaaah' etc etc, but really the Giganotosaurus was like, half a metre bigger. Also, something else I never knew, on the Natural History website it says "over twenty have been found, but only three had complete skulls". They say twenty as if it's a lot...and I suppose when you say it like that it is, but it just seems like hardly anything compared to how many millions of them there would have been back then! It's like, insanely small amounts.

Also, I will admit that I found out about the Giganotosaurus, or g-rex, being bigger than the t-rex by watching Primeval. I realise I am an insanely nerdy nerd, but I love it. So yeah, basically a massive g-rex comes through the anomaly and chases everyone around, almost killing Connor and everything, and then Danny comes along in his big helicoper and saves everyone. It's a pretty good episode....and I found it interesting that they didn't just show the t-rex that everyone knows.

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