Friday, 11 June 2010

Rubik's Cube/Life on Mars?!

I can compete a Rubik's Cube! In 3 minutes 56 seconds to be exact ^^
Edit: I can now do it in 3 minutes 3 seconds :D
I was pretty proud first time I did it tbh; now at school everyones like "Wow you legend" and I feel all supreme and nerdy and I've been doing them all day. People are like "Oh my god how can you do it?!" Well, I got very bored a couple of days ago and watched this video, and seriously, I now love this guy. He is a genius.

I also read a really crazy article in the National Geographic today - which I hid behind my book in History so I could read it because I'm that sad - and it that said that in a thousand years humans might be living on Mars! They basically said that if they started now they could make it habitable bit by bit and then have people go over there and seriously looked like something out of Doctor Who. It looked awesome. If you want to have a look into it the article is here.

And my new series of Primeval arrived today; yay! Series Two is even possibly better than Series One! Gosh I love Connor. But I was thinking, this ones graphics are slightly less convincing. I mean, in Episode Two with the weird worms when the people got like, dragged down...I couldn't help but laugh. I mean really, they could have made that a little more convincing, but hey. And they generally looked like...well, when that one got Connor's head I was laughing so hard...

Anyway, that's my input for today :]

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