Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Remember when I didn't have Tumblr?

So yeah...maybe that's why I haven't posted in nearly half a year. Being honest with you, I completely forgot I even had this blog. Like I can think back to a couple of times when this would have come in handy; when I was reading about Woomera Prohibited Area, when I was looking up where to do astrophysics at uni, writing my CV, looking at female astronauts...

Anyway, I'm here now, so. I just watched Alien Autopsy again, which I love, but I was just pondering if I believe in extra terrestrial life or not. Which I definitely do. It's just whether it's the whole bug eyed alien thing. I have a few thoughts on the matter.

1. The universe is bloody massive, so why the hell would there not be anything else out there?
2. I don't think microorganisms are extra terrestrial life, because as nice as it is to find out that fungi can grow on Mars, to me the word 'life' means things with thinking brains and whatnot.
3. If there are things out there, intelligent, and they're gaining intelligence, if they ever came to Earth, chances are they would just take our fuel and resources and leave us to die. Because if they were clever enough to get here then they're not going to be friendly 'we come in peace' things. In my opinion.

Okay, so the Roswell UFO crash. June/July 1947, a UFO supposedly crashed. The fact is, being 1947, anything out of the ordinary could be seen in that way, as in if it were now with the way science is, would it be a UFO or just something that they could label? Anyway, not going to go into all of that now, I've researched it before and yeah, but then there's the alien autopsy video.
So in 1995 Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield released this supposed footage, and then in 2006 admitted that it was fake. Only they didn't use the word fake, they used the word 'reconstruction', because they said that it was based on real life footage they had seen, which had been corrupted, dissolved, and so they had just used certain frames which they could salvage. Only they never said which frames were from the original authentic reel.

So we have two options. Number one, Ray and Gary wanted some cash, and they thought what a good idea to make this video. So they did, and they made a bunch, and eleven years later they thought by admitting to it, only making it a little more interesting than just being 'fake', they could cash in again. Which, seeing it's a film starring Ant and Dec, evidently they did.
But number two, maybe it is true. These two men could have legitimately seen footage of an alien autopsy, only no one else believes because no one else has seen it. It always comes down to faith with things like this, and that's where it makes me almost laugh, when people have faith in religion and love and other things, but never in things that may have some scientific base.
It's also where religious people always try to get me out, saying I have faith in my science and UFO's and aliens. Which well, maybe I do. But it's fun. It's interesting.

So maybe Ray and Gary did just make it all up, maybe it is a load of rubbish. But maybe there is some truth behind it, maybe there was a UFO at Roswell in 1947, and maybe there has been extra terrestrial life on Earth.

Who knows?

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